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33 Stalks Rose Bouquet Tutorial – Part 1

P1-33 rose bouquet

Part 1 – Simple rose bouquet tutorial for beginners, that you can gift to your loved ones today!

I have got 2 bundles of white rose from my supplier. 1 bundle consist of 20 stalks

Sharing 3 tips with you how to pick the fresh flowers:

  1. Look at the flowers, are there any sign of brown petals? Also avoid choosing close bud roses as they sometimes don’t bloom.
  2. Look at the leaves, are there any yellowish leaves?
  3. Look at the stems, I will choose thick and strong stems.

Then I will start preparing the flowers by removing all the thorns using this tool.

Next, remove some outer petals which don’t seem to be nice.

Next, cut the stems at 45 degrees and let it drink water for 4 hours.

Yes, flowers need to be conditioned before we can start doing an arrangement. Without proper conditioning, it will wilt faster than normal.


Follow along for part 2 where we go through how to wrap the bouquet.

I am Shermine, the florist and owner of Aroma Flowers, based in Sembawang, Singapore. With my years of experience, I have decided to share some tips on flower arrangements. Here at Aroma Flowers, we pride ourselves in creating quality and beautiful bouquets. Every bouquet created is designed thoughtfully and planned aesthetically, to bring joy and love to the receiver, and we hope our videos can allow you to do the same!

No time to do your own arrangement? We have got you covered!

Express your love with our 33 rose bouquet 三生三世

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