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33 Stalks Rose Bouquet Tutorial – Part 2

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In last video I had shared with you the part 1 of 33 stalks rose bouquet and 3 things to avoid when you buy roses from flower market.

Today I am going to share with you the Part 2 of how to arrange a 33 stalks rose bouquet.

Firstly, choose the most beautiful rose with straight stem to place it in the centre.

Then use spiral technique to arrange the bouquet. Spiral technique is the most popular technique in floristry. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the bouquet and dominant hand to arrange the flower.

I have took years to practice and now I can interchange with both hands. All the stems should follow the same direction, no stem will cross with each others.

Wrap the stems with cotton and plastic to hold the water.

Then wrap with another colour wrapper. The colour should be same as the the wrapper you are going to use for the bouquet.

Measure and cut some inner wrappers. This paper is called 蜂窝纸.

I have used total of 4 pieces of 蜂窝纸 to wrap around.

The sender has requested the bouquet to be wrapped in the shade of sea blue colour as it is the girl’s favourite colour.

This bouquet was sent by the boyfriend from Taiwan to his girlfriend in Singapore.

Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the wrapper and wrap around the bouquet. Make sure all the wrappers are wrap at the same point.

Tie a ribbon and we are done!

Let’s look at the final product and admire the beautiful flowers together

White roses symbolise loyalty, purity, and innocence, it is a way to express your authenticity and dedication.


I am Shermine, the florist and owner of Aroma Flowers, based in Sembawang, Singapore. With my years of experience, I have decided to share some tips on flower arrangements. Here at Aroma Flowers, we pride ourselves in creating quality and beautiful bouquets. Every bouquet created is designed thoughtfully and planned aesthetically, to bring joy and love to the receiver, and we hope our videos can allow you to do the same!

No time to do your own arrangement? We have got you covered!

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