Our Story

Do u love lavender like me? This is my lavender love story...💖

I have been searching for lavender bouquet since year 2001 after I watched a Taiwanese drama 《薰衣草》. My ex-bf (currently my husband) knew I love lavender so much, he kept searching for a bundle of lavender for me during year 2005 when he was still chasing after me during college time. You won't know how difficult it was to get a bundle as I myself could not even find it since 2001. It was not like now where imported flowers are easily to get.

Chance upon, he knew that his friend was going to Taiwan, he requested his friend to look for it and managed to get a bundle for me. I was touched by him and I knew that he is the man that can be entrusted for life.

Fast forward, in 2019 he fulfilled his promise by bringing me to the lavender origin, Provence, France. He is the one never break his promise. The lavender field is so fascinating and unforgettable!

Hi I am Shermine, started learning floristry since year 2013 while working full time as a Tax Assistant Manager. Throughout the years of receiving from my ex-bf (currently my husband), flowers never fail to bring my smiles to him. No matter it is a quarrel, valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary, his persistence and perseverance of bringing me a bouquet of flowers made me feel so happiness and I fall in love with flowers!

Because of our love story, I would like to help people to spread their love and bring people closer with flowers. I believe in the power of flowers - It is the most instant happy gift that can make the recipient feel appreciated, warm, care and loved.

Aroma Flowers came from the concept of combining flowers and essential oil. I typically love flowers with strong fragrance like lily, hyacinth, peony, freesia. However, there is no scent for preserved flowers and here comes my creativity!

Aroma Flowers emphasis on the quality. We believe in going above and beyond. We pride ourselves using only the premium imported flowers so that it can last longer than average and remain flourish at your home. We always bear in mind our customers’ sentiment to the recipient. All flowers are handcrafted with love to present it to your loved ones. Our goal is to make your loved ones feel special, happy and loved with the help of our elegant bouquet/arrangement. If you are looking for a professionally made and stunning flower arrangement, you are in the right site.

When your loved ones received a bouquet from Aroma Flowers, they have received a bunch of happiness. Aroma Flowers – A Symbol of Happiness!