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Preserved Flower vs. Dried Flower: Which Lasts Longer and Saves You Money?


In the world of floral gifts and décor, the choice between preserved flower and dried flower can be confusing. But fear not! Our guide breaks down the key differences, helping you make an informed decision based on appearance, longevity, maintenance and cost-effectiveness.


Preserved Flowers: Fresh flowers that undergone unique treatment process to remove water and colour, then re-colour it into different shade of colours to help them maintain their appearance and texture for an extended period. Preserved flowers are typically treated with a solution like glycerin-based mixture, keeping their shape and texture, perfect for arrangements that demand lifelike beauty.

Dried Flowers: Fresh flowers that undergone air-dried or oven-dried methods. The water inside the flower’s cells is removed, and this causes the flower to shrivel up and become dry. It is rustic touch, matte, vintage aesthetic. The colours are often in brownish and dark green.


Preserved Flowers: With proper care, preserved flowers can maintain their appearance for years. Their resilience makes them perfect for long-term décor or special events where longevity is important.

Dried Flowers: Dried flowers are more fragile than preserved flowers since they have no water in their cells. They are more likely to break or crumble when touched. While not as lasting as preserved flower, dried flowers still offer decent longevity, lasting several weeks to months. Ideal for seasonal decorations or short-term arrangements.


Preserved Flowers: Minimal maintenance is required for preserved flowers. Simply keep them away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity to preserve their beauty. Sunlight may cause the colours to fade and humid may cause the preserved flowers become mouldy. Occasional dusting or using hairdryer with low speed and low heat to blow away the dust. Read more on Flower care: How To Take Care Of Preserved Flower At Home?

Dried Flowers: Low-maintenance and durable, dried flowers require only occasional dusting to keep them looking their best. Handle with care to prevent breakage and enjoy their beauty with ease.


Preserved Flowers: As special processes is required for preserved flowers, they are general higher cost than dried flowers. However, their natural appearance, colour shades and  longevity justify the expense. It is a wise choice for those looking to flower gifting or decorate their spaces with lasting beauty.

Dried Flowers: You may buy fresh flowers from the flower market and dried it yourself. The cost is low without breaking the bank with dried flowers. Budget-friendly and versatile, they offer an affordable option for various occasions.


In summary, the choice between preserved and dried flowers hinges on your preferences, budget and intended use. Whether you opt for the everlasting charm of preserved flowers or the rustic allure of dried blooms, both options add a touch of natural elegance to any space or occasion.

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