Flower Arrangement

Simple Flower Arrangement Tutorial with Simple Materials

Chamomile flower arrangement

Simple and easy flower arrangement tutorial for beginners, using materials that can be found at home. Elevate your home decorations with this simple trick tutorial today!

Hi, I am Shermine, the floral designer and founder of Aroma Flowers, based in Sembawang, Singapore. With my years of experience, I would like to share some tips on flower arrangements. Here at Aroma Flowers, we pride ourselves in creating quality and beautiful bouquets. Every bouquet and flower arrangement created is designed thoughtfully and planned aesthetically, to bring joy and love to the receiver. We hope our videos can allow you to do the same!

Materials needed: 

  1. Flowers – Chamomile flowers have been used in this video
  2. Scissors
  3. Unused drink bottle
  4. Ribbons


  1. Fill up the unused drink bottle with water
  2. Cut the branches of chamomile flower
  3. Arrange the flower in a round shape
  4. Loosen up the tangling flower
  5. Tie a ribbon on the unused drink bottle

Chamomile flower meaning:

Chamomile flower is well known for its relaxing and calming benefits. As the flowers look like a tiny little sunflower, it symbolizes joy, positivity and happiness. It also signifies energy in the adversity as it grows well under the harsh environment.

No time to do your own arrangement? We have got you covered!

Cheer someone up with our Chamomile Bouquet “Sunshine Field”

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