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The Meaning Behind the Colours and Numbers of Roses

Pic-Meaning Behind the Colours and Numbers of Roses

Roses are widely recognized as symbols of love and beauty. Their colors and numbers convey different messages and meanings. Here’s a guide to understanding the meaning behind the colors and numbers of roses:

Colors of Roses:

  1. Red Roses:
    • Meaning: Love, passion, and desire
    • Context: Commonly used to express deep romantic feelings and affection.
  2. White Roses:
    • Meaning: Purity, innocence, and new beginnings
    • Context: Often associated with weddings and new starts, symbolizing purity and everlasting love.
  3. Yellow Roses:
    • Meaning: Friendship, joy, and good health
    • Context: Ideal for celebrating platonic relationships, bringing cheer, and conveying get-well wishes.
  4. Pink Roses:
    • Meaning: Admiration, gratitude, and elegance
    • Context: Perfect for expressing appreciation and thankfulness, often used in expressions of admiration and joy.
  5. Orange Roses:
    • Meaning: Enthusiasm, fascination, and desire
    • Context: Signifies a sense of excitement and intense desire, often used to express admiration and attraction.
  6. Purple Roses:
    • Meaning: Enchantment, majesty, and love at first sight
    • Context: Conveys a sense of awe and adoration, often used to express love at first sight and the mysterious.
  7. Blue Roses:
    • Meaning: Mystery, the unattainable, and the extraordinary
    • Context: Represents the quest for the impossible and the uniqueness of the recipient.
  8. Black Roses:
    • Meaning: Farewell, the end of a relationship, and death
    • Context: Symbolizes endings and can be used to mark the end of a significant phase or relationship.

Numbers of Roses:

Number of Roses Meaning
1 Stalk Only You / You are my only one / Love at the first sight
2 Stalks Just you and me / Deeply in love with you
3 Stalks I love you
4 Stalks I promise / Nothing can do us apart
5 Stalks Admire you / No complaint and no regret
6 Stalks Wish you successful /  I devoted to you / I want to be yours
7 Stalks I’m infatuated with you
8 Stalks Please forgive me / Grateful for your caring and support
9 Stalks Long Lasting Love / Everlasting/ Eternal Love / I want to be with you forever
10 Stalks Great Happiness / Perfect Love
11 Stalks Love eternally / You are my treasured one / You are the only one in my heart
12 Stalks My soul-mate / Heart to heart / Perfect match / Be my sweetheart
13 Stalks Secret Admirer / Friendship forever
14 Stalks Be Proud
15 Stalks I am truly sorry / Please forgive me
16 Stalks Bon Voyage
17 Stalks Let our love end now / You are my wife
18 Stalks My truly heart / Stay young and beautiful/ Trueness / sincerely / Happy Birthday
19 Stalks Forever Love / Waiting for you
20 Stalks Love you forever / I am sincere towards you / Believe me
21 Stalks I am devoted to you
22 Stalks Both of us together / Good luck to you
24 Stalks Missing you / You are always on my mind / Can’t stop thinking about you, 24 hours everyday
25 Stalks Wish you good luck / Wish you happiness
27 Stalks I love you, my dearest wife
28 Stalks I can’t forget you
29 Stalks Love you forever
30 Stalks Silent love / It’s faith
33 Stalks Love you forever / Three times reincarnation / Announce to the whole world that I love you
36 Stalks My heart belongs to you / My love is only for you / Because of you / Romance
37 Stalks I am saying I love you in my heart
40 Stalks Genuine love  / Till death do us part
44 Stalks Pledge a constant and an unchanging love
47 Stalks You are my only one
48 Stalks Unchanging love
50 Stalks Regretless love / Unconditional love
51 Stalks Only you on my mind
56 Stalks My Love
66 Stalks Successful love affair / Nothing gonna change my love / Unlimited Love
77 Stalks I believe it’s faith to meet you
88 Stalks Compensate my wrong with my truly heart / I feel sorry from the bottom of my heart
99 Stalks Forever with you / Eternal love / Forever in Love
100 Stalks 100% love you / Perfect Knot / 100% love
101 Stalks You are my one and the only one / Eternity Love / I love you the most<
108 Stalks Please marry me!Will you marry me? (Propose marriage)
111 Stalks Eternal Love / Endless Love
144 Stalks Loving you day and night eternally
365 Stalks Can’t stop thinking about you, each and everyday
999 Stalks Everlasting and Eternal love
1000 Stalks Love you ten thousand years
1001 Stalks Never Ending Love / Infinite Love /Speak of a faithful love that will live on forever
1314 Stalks Infinite Love / Faithful Love

*** Information above are guideline only. It might vary between countries, cultures & etc ***

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The meaning of number of roses in Mandarin:

玫瑰花数 花语
1 朵 情有独钟, 你是我的唯一, 一见钟情
2朵 你儂我儂, 心目中只有我倆
3 朵 我爱你
4 朵 誓言,承诺, 没什么可分开我们
5 朵 无怨无悔 ,欣赏,爱慕
6 朵 事事顺利, 我献给你了
7 朵 喜相逢, 我与你心有所属
8 朵 深表歉意, 盼您原谅, 感谢您的关怀和支持
9 朵 终生相爱, 无怨无悔
10 朵 完美的爱情,十全十美
11 朵 一心一意 ,最爱
12 朵 圆满组合, 心心相印,成为我的爱人
13 朵 暗恋
14 朵 自豪
15 朵 深深歉意、请原谅我
16 朵 一帆风顺
17 朵 好聚好散 ,伴你一生
18 朵 真诚,真实的心, 生日快乐
19 朵 爱的最高点
20 朵 此情不渝, 永远爱你 ,忠实地真诚对你
21 朵 最爱
22 朵 双双对对、两情相悦,
24 朵 思念 ,每天24小时想你爱你
25 朵 祝你好运, 祝你幸福
27 朵 我爱你,我最亲爱的妻子
28 朵 忘记你我做不到
29 朵 永远爱你
30 朵 无须言语的爱, 请接受我的爱
33 朵 深情呼喚我爱你,我爱 你三生三世
36 朵 浪漫心情, 我心属于你 ,我的爱只留给你
37 朵 把“我爱你”藏在心底
40 朵 誓死不渝的爱情
44 朵 恒古不变的誓言,至死不渝,山盟海誓
47 朵 你是我的唯一
48 朵 挚爱
50 朵 无悔的爱
51 朵 我心中只有你
56 朵 吾爱
66 朵 情场顺利, 真爱不变
77 朵 相逢自是有缘
88 朵 用心弥补一切的错,弥补歉意
99 朵 长相厢守、坚定 , 天长地久
100 朵 百分之百的爱, 百年好合,白头偕老
101 朵 你是我的唯一 , 无尽的爱
108 朵 嫁給我吧 /求婚
111 朵 无尽的爱,一生一世只爱你一个
144 朵 爱你日日月月, 生生世世
365 朵 天天想你, 天天爱你 ,365天无法停止想你
999 朵 天长地久, 爱无止休 ,忠诚的爱,至死不渝
1000 朵 爱你一千年, 直到永远
1001 朵 忠真的爱, 至死不渝
1314 朵 爱你一生一世

*** Information above are guideline only. It might vary between countries, cultures & etc ***


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